This letter is
for you

Has anyone told you today
how wonderful you are?

How perfect you were created, down to the last cell? I think you can be proud of yourself. Because you are unique. There is only one you in the world.
You are very precious, and if you look closely, you will discover so many beautiful things about yourself. Your eyes, your mouth, when it smiles, your special way of moving and speaking. All this exists only once in the whole world, and that is you!
You've got so many talents and gifts, look closely.
You are simply lovable, just as you are.

You are a great miracle, a great gift on earth and I am grateful that you were created because the world needs you.
You don't have to try to be perfect because of the way you are, you are perfect in your humanity and your being.
This letter should always remind you of what a precious treasure you are.
You are a very fine person, a special personality and an enrichment for your family, your friends and also for those who will have the honor to get to know you.
You are great. Let your light shine!